“We interviewed several builders as part of our plan to tear down and rebuild a home in Admirals Cove. Most meetings took place in offices where we were shown photographs or portfolios. Sebastian (Turtle Beach) picked us up and spent an entire day showing us homes that he had built, some were in process and others were fully completed and inhabited.

This was our first indication that this was a very good builder, the fact that his clients allowed him access to their homes post-construction showed us how great the relationship was. And, in fact, he showed us a spec home that he was just starting and we were sufficiently impressed to void our pending contract and proceed with Turtle Beach at another location in Admirals.

And so began a truly collaborative and excellent building experience. We worked closely with Kathi the in house designer to source finishes and also hired her to work with us in all aspects of the furnishing and design. Her creativity and flair has taken the finished product above and beyond and her talent is reflected in the many, many compliments we receive. Including a recent request from a well known celebrity/golf pro to use our home as a filming location for an infomercial!

Jeff, the foreman, was so responsive and proactive and his solutions to problems made “issues” easy to resolve. His relationship with the subcontractors and, indeed, the recommendation of so many really great subs made the construction process mostly seamless.

Sebastian was very hands on and very insistent upon only the highest quality outcome. The office staff were equally as responsive, involved and careful in their financial reporting and paperwork.

We left for the summer and returned to a ready to move in stunning home. Sheets were on the beds and soap in the showers. It is impossible to describe the amount of work that must have gone into such an endeavor. We had heard many people’s “horror” home building stories and we had no idea what to expect. Certainly we did not expect the quality of what we received.

We have been in the house for months now and our punch list (which was truly very short and simple) has been attended with an urgency and attention to detail that we have come to know from Turtle Beach. They leave no stone unturned to deliver the very finest product and no detail is below their quality radar. We are now proud to be on Sebastian’s “home tour” list as he shows new clients his beautiful product.

We are happy to discuss our opinions and experience in person and have no hesitation in recommending Turtle Beach as a contractor who exceeded our expectations.”

– Alexandra (Alli) Gulliver

“Building on the water is a special thing and requires a certain builder, not just any builder. South Florida boasts many contractors to choose from but none that rival Turtle Beach Construction. We could not be more pleased with their superior quality of work. Their attention to detail and uniqueness is unmatched and their professionalism throughout the process can not be praised enough. If we had to do it all over again there would be no one other than Sebastian and his team. They have given us our dream home which has far exceeded our expectations. If you want superb quality, attention to detail, innovation, and the ultimate home please don’t look any further than Turtle Beach.”

– Mr. Sherif Khalifa

“It was a pleasure to work with Turtle Beach when designing and building our home. They truly understood the features and quality that we were looking for. We also worked with them to get unique architectural and decorative details and we loved them all. The house is still as beautiful as the day we moved in.”

– Mr. & Mrs. Rieder

“Building a home is a challenging experience but the professionals at Turtle Beach Construction made it a smooth and collaborative experience from beginning to end. Meetings were arranged for each aspect of the building process. All of our questions were answered and we felt comfortable all along the way My husband and I are very happy and satisfied with the quality of construction and design on our dream home.

We would happily recommend Turtle Beach Construction to our friends.”

– Mark & Diane (Admiral’s Cove)

“After looking at existing homes in Admirals Cove we knew we wanted to build. We spoke with several builders, and after touring the Turtle Beach spec house on Spinnaker Lane, we knew they were the builder for us! Our project manager and the Turtle Beach team kept us fully informed every step of the way. Meetings on site and in the office were as frequent as needed. They handled it all from start to finish and delivered us a beautiful home! We look forward to building our next one with Sebastian and the Turtle Beach team.”

– Craig and Diane Zoufaly

“Our house in Admirals Cove turned out to be a home much more than we could ever have imagined. We are totally elated with all the work done. From the start of construction, the excavation, to the smallest of detail, the work done was done to perfection, with well planning and very knowledgeable people on all levels of work. Everyone in the office and on the jobsite was always very helpful and attentive with any questions or concerns we had.”


“We would like to thank you for such a positive building experience. We have been thoroughly enjoying our beautiful Turtle Beach home. Initially, we were apprehensive about the whole building “process”. We did, however, understand that new construction was essential in achieving our distinct vision. We were well aware of your impeccable reputation from years of residing in Jupiter, nevertheless, your flawless integrity was quite refreshing. Beyond the exquisite details and unparalleled quality craftsmanship we observed from your previous builds, we were equally blown away by upon witnessing the outstanding rapport you shared with your prior Turtle Beach clients. That “sealed the deal” for us in choosing your company to build our dream home. You surpassed our expectations throughout the entire process, leaving us 100% confidence to refer your company. We wish you abundant success in all of your future endeavors.”


“You and your team at Turtle Beach Construction have been an absolute pleasure to work with on our major renovation work. You have delivered us a gorgeous, quality home while at the same time completing the project on time and within budget. You and your organization are top notch! Your professionalism and honesty and attention to detail all the way through the project were great assets to the success of the project. We are looking forward to having you build our next waterfront estate very soon!”


“I consider the abilities and ethics of Turtle Beach Construction outstanding and I wholeheartedly endorse them. My firm typically builds 70 or so homes per year in Ohio, so I thoroughly understand the expertise needed to create a truly fine home and Turtle Beach filled the bill in every respect. This is the second project I’ve had them do and their attention to detail and professional advice provided me with a home head and shoulders above typical houses. Their staff worked seamlessly in concert with my designers and their extensive experience allowed us to avoid pitfalls that other builders might not have seen.”


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